About the Murat Shrine Circus

Murat Shrine Circus


The Murat Shrine is the Indianapolis chapter of the Shriners Fraternity. With over 6,500 members, it is the largest group of Shriners in the world!

The Shrine was founded in 1872 as a fraternity of Masons to add fun and fellowship to the fraternity. The Shrine faternity's objective is, and continues to be, three-fold: to participate in good fun and fellowship, develop lasting friendships and take an active role in providing relief for those in need.

In 1922, the Shrine fraternity, part of the Family of Masonry, decided to support the needs of children suffering from certain birth defects, diseases, burns and orthopedic medical problems without cost, regardless of race, religion, or relationship to a Shriner.

The cost of providing this medical care to children is substantial - approximately $850,000,000 a year! Payments for care of patients shall not be accepted from patients, their parents or their guardians except for their coinsurance, deductible amounts or other obligations applicable to such private insurance coverage or government payment program.

The Murat Shrine Circus raises funds for the Murat Shriners of Indianapolis. Though the Shriners' dedication is ceaseless, their resources are limited. Events such as the circus enable this individual chapter to keep up with its three-fold objective of fun, fellowship, and philanthropy.

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